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Our story

It all started with an idea

Breakfast at XA Bistro

We offer a variety of fresh and local meals and drinks, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and excellent desserts.


Our food is freshly cooked and baked to order by our main chef, using the finest and most promising ingredients.


We are proud to offer healthy and delicious food, desserts, and drinks prepared with the utmost care and love for our Chippewa Valley.


Our cuisine is fresh, simple, supports local & regional producers to the best of our ability, and you will taste the quality in every bite. We also bring a mouthwatering piece of the Mid-East to the Mid-West through our authentic Mediterranean menu.

John Smith, FOUNDER

Now and then, our Executive Chef and physician owners come up with a magical creation that you can't help but fall in love with...and you'll forget that it's even good for you! Don't you believe it? See for yourself.

Rachel Berry, MAIN CHEF


Simple food, quality ingredients, deliciousness without the junk.
Food the way it was intended.


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Xavier Artisan


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Seeking adventure in the everyday


Eat well to feel well. Leave with a smile based on a great experience -
both with our food and our staff.